Autocad 2D Drawing For Practice

Autocad 2D Drawing For Practice If you are looking for AutoCAD 2D Exercises or Practice drawings then you are at the right place at right time.

Here you will find some AutoCAD 2D Drawing for practice to test your CAD skills.

These drawings also work for AutoCAD mechanical, AutoCAD Civil & other CAD software packages.
The same drawings can also be used as Solidworks Exercise for practice.

In this ever-increasing collection of AutoCAD 2D and 3D practice drawing courses, you will find drawings that will test your skills and help you in reinforcing the concepts learned in AutoCAD courses.

The drawings range from simple line drawings to complex geometries like Gear, Bolt, and even organic shapes.

2D CAD systems such as AutoCAD or MicroStation replace the paper drawing discipline. The lines, circles, arcs, and curves are created within the software.

It is down to the technical drawing skill of the user to produce the drawing. There is still much scope for error in the drawing when producing first and third angle orthographic projections, auxiliary projections and cross-section views.

2D CAD system is merely an electronic drawing board. Its greatest strength over direct to paper technical drawing is in the making of revisions.

Whereas in a conventional hand-drawn technical drawing, if a mistake is found, or a modification is required, a new drawing must be made from scratch, the 2D CAD system allows a copy of the original to be modified, saving considerable time.

2D CAD systems can be used to create plans for large projects such as buildings and aircraft but provide no way to check the various components will fit together.


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