Autocad Shortcut Keys 2020

Autocad Shortcut Keys

Learn AutoCAD Shortcut Keys and commands with the AutoCAD Shortcut Keyboard guide to help you work faster and be more efficient while using AutoCAD software.

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys 2D

1 L Line Draw a Line
2 PL PLINE Draw a PolyLine -A Complex Line
3 C CIRCLE Draw a Circle
4 A ARC Draw an arc with 3 Point
5 REC RECTANG Draw a rectangle
6 POL POLYGON Draw a regular polygon 3 to 1024 sides
7 EL ELLIPS Draw an ellipse
8 DS DRAFTING SETTING sets grid and snap, polar and object snap tracking,
object snap modes,Dyanamic input, and quick
9 M MOVE Move an object
10 CO OR CP COPY Copy an object
11 S STRETCH Stretch an object
12 RO ROTATE Rotate an object
13 MI MIRROR Mirror an object
14 SC SCALE Scale an object
15 TR TRIM Trim a Selection
16 EX EXTEND Extend a line to meet another
17 F FILLET Draw an arc betweent 2 intersecting lines
18 CHA CHAMFER Chamfer between 2 non parallel line
19 BLE BLEND CURVE Creates a spline in the gap between two selected line
and curves
20 AR ARRAY Make multiple copies of an object
21 O OFFSET Offset an object by distance
22 X EXPLODE Explode single entity to component parts
23 E ERASE Erase Selection
24 BR BREAK Break a line by defining 2 points
25 J Join Joins 2 objects to from single
26 SO SOLID Draw a solid rectangle shape
27 DO DONUT Draw a solid donut shape
28 FILL FILL Fill the object
29 UN UNITS Opens units dialogue box
31 REVC REVCLOUD Revision cloud -note can select a polyline
32 DT TEXT Single line text
33 T OR MT MTEXT Multiline/paragraph text
35 SCALETEXT SCALETEXT Scales text without moving the text
36 SPELL SPELLCHECK Performs speelcheck -ALL check att text in a drawing
37 ST STYLE open text style dialogue box
38 TB TABLE Open insert a table  dialogue box
39 TS TABLE STYLE Open table style dilouge box
40 Z ZOOM Increases or decreases the view in the current
41 P PAN Shifts the view without changing the viewing direction
42 R REDRAW Refreshes the display in the current viewport
43 RE REGEN Regenerates the entry drawing froms the current
45 COL COLOR Open select color dialouge box
46 LA LAYER Opens layer manager
47 PR PROPERTIES Opens properties of an object
48 MA MATCHPROPERTIES Match properties dialouge box
49 LT DDLTYPE Opens line type manager
50 LTS LTSCALE Change the linetype scale
51 LW LWEIGHT Opens line weight setting dialouge box
53 BH BHATCH Opens hatch and gardient dialouge box
54 PL PLINE Draw a polyline -a complex line
55 ML MLINE Draw a multilines
56 MLST MLINESTYLE Change the multline style
57 MLED MLINEEDIT Editing the multeline
58 PE POLYEDIT Edit  a polyline
59 OP OPTION Customizes the program setting
60 ID ID Display the co-ordinate value of a point
61 LI OR LS LIST Display information about object in a text window
62 DI DIST Calculates a distance and angle
63 AA AREA Calculates the area
64 VO VOLUME Calcutlates&display the mass properties of
selected region or 3D solid
65 LEN LENGTHEN Lenthen or shorten a line
66 SPL SPLINE Spline or smooth curve along points
67 SPE SPLINEDIT Eadit a spline
68 DLI DIMLINEAR Liner dimension
69 DAL DIMALINGED Aligned linear dimension line
70 DAN DIMANGULAR Angular dimension line
71 DAR DIMARC Arc length dimension
72 DRA DIMRADIUS Radial dimension for circle or arc
73 DDI DIMDIAMETER Diameter dimension for circle and  arc
74 DIMCENTRE DIMCENTRE Create centre mark
75 DBA DIMBASELINE Ordinate dimension from baseline or previous
76 DCO DIMCONTINUE Ordinate dimension from 2nd extension line
of pervious dimension
77 DOV DIMOVERRIDE Override dimension style
78 DIMBR DINBREAK Show breakin dimension line
79 DIMSP DIMSPACE Creak space in dimension style
80 DIMI DIMINPECTION Creates fram around the dimension
81 DOR DIMORDINATE Ordinate point dimension
82 DIMJ DIMJOGGED Creates jogged dimension for circle and arc
83 DIMJOGLINE DIMJOGGED LINER Adds or removes a jog line on a linear or aligned
84 BREAKL BREAKLINE SYMBOL Creates a breakline, a polyline that includes the
breakline symbol
85 DIMRE DIMREASSOCIATE Increase &Decrease the dimension line
86 DED DIMEDIT Edit dimension text on dimension object
87 D DIMSTYLE Opens dimension style manager dialogue box
88 TOL TOLERANCE Show the tolerance value
89 LE QLEADER Draw a leader line (may need to adjust settings )
90 LEAD LEADER Leader line with annotations
91 MLD MULILEADER Creates a multileader
92 MLS MLEADER STYLE Creates and modifies multileader style
93 WI WIPEOUT Controls whether wipeout frames are displayed
in the drawing
94 XL XLINE Construction line in infinite length
95 RAY RAY Constructions line in one directions
96 FI FILTER Ceates a list of requirements that an object must
meet to be included in a selection
97 B BLOCK Creates a block definition from selection set
98 I INSERT Inserts a block or drawing into the current drawing
99 G GROUP Creates and manages saved sets of objects called
100 DIMCONSTRAINTS Applies dimensional constraints to selected object, or
 converts associative dimensions to dimensional
101 GEOMETRIC Applies or persists geometric relationships
CONSTRAINTS between objects or points on object
102 ATT ATTRIBUTE Creates an attribute definition for
DEFINITIONS storing data in a block
103 ATTDISP ATTRIBUTE DISPLAY Controls the visibility overrides for all block
attributes in drawing
104 ARR ACTION RECORDER Starts the recording an action macro
105 ARS ACTION RECORDER Stop the action recorder and provides the opstion
STOP of saving the recorded action to an action macro file
106 DIV DIVIDE Inserts points node a set division
107 ME MEASURE Insert point node at input distance
108 SCR SCRIPT Executes a sequence of commands from a script
109 OLEL OLE OBJECT Updates, changes and cancels existing OLE links
111 XB XBLID Opens Xbind dialouges-allow import only of
symbols etc
112 ETR ETRASMIT Packages a set of files for internet transmissions
113 CTRL+2 ADCENTRE Turns design centre on/off
114 CTRL+3 TOOLPALETTES Turns tool plaettes window on/off
115 CTRL+8 QUICKCALE Launches caiculator widow
117 F2 TEXTSCR GRAPHSCR Switches between text screen and graphic area
118 F3 OSNAP Switches osnap on/off
119 F5 OR ISOPLANE CYCLE  thourgh isoplanes
120 F6OR
CTRL+D COORDS Turns coordinate display on/off
121 F7 OR GRID Turns grid on /off
122 F8 OR ORTHO Turns ortho on /off
123 F9 OR SNAP Turns snap on /off
124 F10 OR POLAR Turns polar on /off
125 F11 OSNAP TRACK Turns object snap tracking on /off

Autocad Shortcut Keys

Autocad Shortcut Keys 3D

126 3D 3D Commands line 3D solid option
127 BOX BOX Draw a cube
128 CYL CYLINDER Draw a cylinder
129 EXT EXTRUDE Extrude a face
130 IN INTERSECT Intersect an object
131 REV REVOLVE Revolves an object about an axis
132 RR RENDER Open render dialogue box
133 SE SECTION Section
134 SL SLICE Slice a solid
135 SU SUBTRACT Subtract section from solid
136 TOR TORUS Draw  torus shape
137 UNI UNION Union solids
138 WE WEDGE Draw a wedge
139 CONE CONE Create a 3D solid cone
140 SPH SPHERE Create a 3D solid sphere
141 PYR PYRAMID Create a 3D solid pyramid
142 WED WEDGE Create a 3D solid wedge
143 LOF LOFTS Create a 3D solid or surface in the space
between several cross sections
144 REV REVOLVE Create a 3D solid or surface by sweeping an
object around an axis
145 SW SWEEP Create a 3D solid or surface by sweeping a
2D or 3D object or sub object along a path


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