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MS Word (HOME)

MS-Word (HOME) M.S Word is the most widely used of all word-processing programs. A word processing program is a software program that includes that tool for entering & formatting text and graphics. M.S Word is a powerful word program that allows you to create using the word are called document.  “A Document has by default […]


MS Word (Review) SPELLING AND GRAMMER This option is used to check the spelling of the end whether it’s correct or in correct. REASEARCH Research is used to type a particular word and thesaurus is used to find the meaning of the particular word. WORD COUNT This option will tell us about many pages the […]


MAILINGS ENVELOPES This option is used to make a print of an envelope “when you want to use envelopes to send a mailing to your address list. LABELS In this option we can make labels like (entry pass). MAIL MERGE Mail merge is used to quickly create from letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and catalog by […]