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Oracle select from table, Online Education

Oracle SQL query example, Oracle select from table, oracle select from subquery, Online Education Oracle Select Statement The Oracle SELECT statement is used to retrieve data from one or more than one table, object tables, views, object views, etc. (Oracle sql query example, Oracle select from table, Oracle select into, oracle select from subquery, Online […]

Oracle Insert Statement

Oracle Insert Statement In Oracle, INSERT statement is used to add a single record or multiple records into the table. Syntax: (Inserting a single record using the Values keyword):  INSERT INTO table   (column1, column2, … column_n )   VALUES   (expression1, expression2, … expression_n );    Syntax: (Inserting multiple records using a SELECT statement): INSERT INTO table   (column1, column2, … column_n )   SELECT expression1, expression2, … expression_n   FROM source_table   WHERE conditions;  Parameters: 1) table: The table to insert the records […]

Oracle Queries

Oracle Queries You can execute many queries in oracle database such as insert, update, delete, alter table, drop, create and select. 1) Oracle Select Query Oracle select query is used to fetch records from database. For example: SELECT * from customers;   2) Oracle Insert Query Oracle insert query is used to insert records into table. For example: […]

Oracle Views

Oracle Views In Oracle, view is a virtual table that does not physically exist. It is stored in Oracle data dictionary and do not store any data. It can be executed when called. A view is created by a query joining one or more tables. Oracle CREATE VIEW Syntax: CREATE VIEW view_name AS   SELECT columns   FROM tables   WHERE conditions;   Parameters: view_name: […]

Oracle – Drop Table

Oracle DROP TABLE Statement Oracle DROP TABLE statement is used to remove or delete a table from the Oracle database. Syntax: DROP [schema_name].TABLE table_name [ CASCADE CONSTRAINTS ] [ PURGE ]; Parameters schema_name: It specifies the name of the schema that owns the table. table_name: It specifies the name of the table which you want to remove from the Oracle database. CASCADE […]

Oracle Create Tables

Oracle CREATE TABLE In Oracle, CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a new table in the database. To create a table, you have to name that table and define its columns and datatype for each column. Syntax: CREATE TABLE table_name   (      column1 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],     column2 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],     …     column_n datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ]   );   Parameters used in syntax table_name: It specifies the name of […]

Oracle Alter Tables

Oracle ALTER TABLE Statement In Oracle, ALTER TABLE statement specifies how to add, modify, drop or delete columns in a table. It is also used to rename a table. How to add column in a table Syntax: ALTER TABLE table_name     ADD column_name column-definition; Example: Consider that already existing table employees. Now, add a new column employee_age into the table […]

Oracle – Introduction

Oracle – Introduction Oracle is a relational database management system. It is widely used in enterprise applications. What is Oracle Oracle database is a relational database management system. It is known as Oracle database, OracleDB or simply Oracle. It is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle database is the first database designed for enterprise […]