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Introduction of PageMaker

Adobe PageMaker (formerly Aldus PageMaker) is a discontinued desktop publishing computer program introduced in 1985 by Aldus on the Apple Macintosh. The combination of PageMaker using the Mac’s graphical user interface for document creation and the Apple LaserWriter for output represented the starting point of what became the desktop publishingrevolution in the late 1980s. Ported to PCs running Windows 1.0 in 1987, PageMaker helped to popularize the Macintosh platform and the Windows environment. […]

Pagemaker All Shortcut

Pagemaker All Shortcut USER INTERFACE Display/hide all palettes TAB Display/hide all palettes except tools SHIFT + TAB Display/hide control palette CTRL + ‘ Display/hide colors palette CTRL + J Display/hide style palette CTRL + B Define styles CTRL + 3 Display/hide master pages palette CTRL+ SHIFT + 8 Display/hide layers palette CTRL + 8 Display/hide […]