Components Of Computer

Components Of Computer

Components Of Computer The computer is an electronic machine that performs the following four general operation

Input                       Output

        Processing               Storage

Input Device Components Of Computer

The input H/W allows you to enter data into the computer. The primary device used is the keyboard and mouse.

Components Of Computer

Mouse – The mouse is a device that allows you to control the movement of the insertion places the palm of the hand over the mouse and moves it across a mouse pad, which provides traction for the rolling ball inside the device.

Components Of Computer

(“You can also click the mouse and activate icons or drag to move objects and selected text.”)

 (Serial mouse/ PS2 mouse /U.S.B mouse)

Keyboard – The keyboard looks like the typewriter. A numeric keyboard is located to the right of the keyboard numeric keys have the same placement as a 10 key calculator which allows the operates to enter data rapidly.

(Normal Keyboard/ PS2 Keyboard/USB Keyboard/Wireless Keyboard)

Tracker Balls – An alternative to the traditional mouse and often used by graphic designers.

Scanners – A scanner allows you to scan printed material and convert it into a file format that may be used within the PC.

Output Device Components Of Computer

The output device makes the information you input available for you to view or use. Examples of these devices are a monitor (also known as “VDU”  visual display unit.) a printer and a speaker.

A monitor front is called a screen with a cathode ray tube (CRT) attached to it portable computers use an (LCD) liquid crystal display.

Today super video graphics arrays (SVGA). Monitor s display 256 sharp and clear colors.

D.U – The computer screen is used for outputting information is an understandable format.

Printer– There are many different types of printer. In a large organization, a laser printer is most commonly used to the fact that it can print very fast and give a very high-quality output.

Speakers – exchanges the value of educational and presentation products.


The “CPU” central processing unit is the brain of computers. It contains the electronic circuits that cause the computer to follow instructions from ROM (Read Only Memory) or from a program in

RAM (Random Access Memory) by following these instructions information is processed. The CPU contains three parts.

Arithmetic Logic Unit –ALU is where the intelligence of the computer is located. It can add and compare numbers. To multiply 2*4 the computers would add 2+2+2+2.

The ALU makes the decision by determining if a number is greater less equal to the other number. Processing is completed in nanoseconds which is a billionth of a second.


Two types of memory contained on a chip are RAM.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

ROM (Read Only Memory)

RAM    (Temporary Memory)

It is a type of memory that can be assessed rending that is any byte of memory can be assessed without touching the preceding bytes. RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices in his program and data into RAM.

The access time is the same for each memory location. The information stared into it is retained in it as long as the power supply goes off its stared information is a loss.

(Two types of RAM) Components Of Computer

Static RAM

Dynamic RAM


These are a larger size than ROM

They serve as temporary data storage

They can’t be updated and corrected

No special programming mechanism like ROM required

ROM(Permanent Memory)

Which is permanently programmed and can only be read. It also random access properly.

Marked programmed ROM and user-programmed ROM.

(Four Basic Types of ROM)

PROM (Programmable ROM)


EE PROM (Electricity Erasable ROM)

Nonvolatile flash memory


They are nonvolatile in nature

ROMs are easier to the interface than Rams

ROM can’t be accidentally changed

ROM is cheaper than RAM

ROM is easy to test.

Control Unit – CU

This is the part of the unit which directs information to the proper places in your computer such as calculation of information by the A.L.U units or to store and print material.


There are three main types of disk drives on most modern computers.

Floppy Disk:-

A floppy disk is a circular piece of oxide-coated plastic that stares data as magnetic spots personal computer most commonly use floppy disks that are 31/2 inches in diameters sheeted in square plastic incase.

Hard Disk:-

The hard disk is known as permanent media. The hard drive lives inside the computer and it is not meant to be removed or moved into another computer.

The average hard disk today comes in around various sizes ranging from 4.2 gigabytes to 30 gigabytes.


A CD ROM is known as ‘Removable Media’ just like the floppy disk. However, the CD ROM disk can store up to 650 megabytes on one CD as opposed to 1.44 on a single floppy disk. The CD ROM is much faster to use than a floppy disk.

(“CD ROM Re-Writer” you could write to it in encase of 1000 times)


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