Generation of Computer

Generation of Computer :-

The history of computer development is often referred to the different generation of computing Device. A generation refer to the stage of improvement in the product development process. With each new generation has batter smaller more advance than the previous generation before it.

New discoveries are costly being developed that effect the way we live, work and play. Each generation of computer is characterized by major technological development that fundamentally changed the way computes operate resulting in increasingly smaller, chipper and powerful, and more efficient and reliable devices.

    First Generation     ( 1946 – 1959)

    Second    ,,               ( 1959 – 1965)

    Third         ,,              ( 1965 – 1971)

     Fourth     ,,               ( 1971 – 1985)

     Fifth         ,,                (1985 – on words)


First Generation:- 

All Subsequently computers after mark I were all electronic the early first generation computers were powered by thousands of vaccumtubes.

The first  computer used vacuum tubes far circuitry and magnetic drums for memory magnetic drums were ones use as a primary storage device but has since been implemented or auxiliary storage device.

Example –


    (Electronic Numerical Integrator and calculation)


     (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer)


     (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer)

Characteristics of first computer :-

Vacuum tubes

Human operates to set switches

Machine and assembly languages

Magnetic tube and magnetic drum for external storage

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