Notepad Shortcut Keys, PDF Download

Notepad Shortcut Keys

general Notepad Shortcut keys command_1 (file)

alt + f (underline letter) ===== file menu

ctrl + n ===== new

ctrl + o ===== open

ctrl + s ===== save

alt + f + a ===== save as

alt + f + u ===== page setup

ctrl + p ===== print

alt + f + x ===== exit

Notepad Shortcut Keys

general Notepad Shortcut keys command_2 (edit)

alt + e ===== edit menu

ctrl + z ===== undo/redo

ctrl + x ===== cut

ctrl + c ===== copy

ctrl + v ===== paste

alt + e + l ===== delete

ctrl + f ===== find

f3 ===== find next

ctrl + h ===== replace

ctrl + g ===== go to

ctrl + a ===== select all

f5 ===== time/date

general Notepad Shortcut keys command_3 (format)

alt + o ===== format menu

alt + o + w ===== word warp

alt + o + f ===== font

general Notepad Shortcut keys command_4 (view)

alt + v ===== view menu

alt + v + s ===== status bar

general  command_5 (help)

alt + h ===== help menu

f1 ===== help

alt + h + h ===== help topic

alt + h + a ===== about notepad

Competing software

Notepad does not require a lock on the file it opens, so it can open files already opened by other processes, users, or computers, whereas WordPad cannot.

Also, since Notepad lacks advanced formatting functionality, many people find its simple, minimalistic user interface (whose look has never changed since Windows 3.1 and whose menus were last altered in Windows XP, when “Format” and “View” replaced “Search”, and in Windows 10 version 1809, when “Zoom” and “Search with Bing” items were added)

faster and easier to use for basic text operations. The MS-DOS Editor, especially as updated in Windows 95, where it became an MDI application, also provides many features never offered by Notepad.


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