Notepad/ Wordpad

Notepad/ Wordpad:-

Notepad/Wordpad is a basic text editor you can use for simple documents as for creating web pages, to create or edit files that require formatting use word pad.

Difference b/w Notepad or wordpad

Notepad- Notepad is a blank page pad and plain text editor by Microsoft operation system for making of notes or document it is built in with limited features and function giant size and style and option as page setup, find and replace are available in notepad. If you want to create and write HTML document webpage/ script or computer programs than notepad is best option for you.

Wordpad-  Wordpad is another basic editing and proceeding tool of Microsoft window ‘OS’ which is highly but simpler and easier than M.S Word. It was come in to action after replacing the Microsoft writer. It is an easy tool for simple task.

Title bar- We will start with the title bar, which is heated at the very tap of the screen on the title bar displays the name of the document. At the tap your screen.


Bar- The menu bar is directly below the title bar and it displays the menu of set of option.


New- To open a new page

Open- We can open a saved file.

Save- It is used to saved a document.

Save as- It is used to save a file by two or more than two names.


Undo- Undo is a command in many computer programs. It eraser the last change done to the reverting it to an older state.

Cut- Remove the selected control or text and places it on the clipboard for this command to be available you can undo the cut command when used on a control

(ctrl + x)

(shift + dele)


Copy- If you type information in to a document, if you want to place the some information. Somewhere else , you not have to retype the information you simply copy it and then paste it in the new location

(ctrl + c)

(ctrl + insert)

Paste- Insert the contents of the matter at the current location. Text is place at the insertion paint

(ctrl + v)

(shift + insert)

Delete- Delete the currently selected control text.

Find- This function open a dialog box allows you to enter the text you want to search for doing with couple of pieces of information to help.

Find Next- The find next function simply locates the next occurrence of whatever it is you did the find on in the first place.

Replace- The replace function can locate and replace text with in your document .simply tell replace what you want to locate and you want to replace it with and word pad / notepad will do the rest.

Go to- You can go to a specific line in a notepad / word pad document even if the document doesn’t display line number. Lines are counted down the left margins beginning at the tap of the document.

“The go to command isn’t available when word                   wrapping is enable”

Select all- If you want to do with everything in your document of the sometime all you have to do in select all function and or copy.

Date & Time- You to maintain a journal similar to the way notepad does allowing you to insert the date and or time in to you document.


Word wrap- The text is forced to the next line by the window width of the application otherwise, it keeps scrolling horizontally to the right.

Font- This function gives you access to a lot of the same function you’ll find on the format bar. The format bar is probably more convenient if you have it turned on.

Status bar- This is a toggle that allows you to display the status bar at the bottom of your window.

Ruler bar This is a toggle that allows to display, the ruler showing you the typing area for you document.

Links- If you have information that you have linked into your document using the paste special function above, than you can perform certain function on that link this function.

Object properties – The object properties function allows you to do a lot of the something you do with the link – function above. In essence, you’re editing the properties of a linked object and controlling how that object will be displayed and controlled.

Object- The appearance of this menu item will change depending on what you have selected within you document. Essentially allows you to edit imbedded object in your document.

Paragraph- This function allows you to control the indentation of the current paragraph from the left and right margins as well as the indentation of the first line of the paragraph. You can also control the alignment at the paragraph (right, left, and center) just as you can from the format bar.

Tabs- By default gives you a tab stop every half- inch.

Advantages of notepad/word pad- Notepad is designed for users to create text that is not formatted and is very basis word processor program you can almost describe as very basis version of M.S word One of the main advances of notepad is that it requires no training and you can short HTML straight away.

It comes free with every version of windows which means you do not have to go through the hassle of downloading the program. The program doesn’t take up much space on your laptop/desktop P.C and because it’s low specification software means that it doesn’t take a long time to load.

Disadvantages of notepad- The main disadvantages of notepad is that it is very simple software and its primary function is not for HTML, because it is not its primary function it does not read the language and have intelligence answer’s to help out the program with features such as auto fill. It also doesn’t have default templates to make your web design quicker.

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