Parts of Computer – Input, Output, Processing, Storage

Parts of Computer:-

The computer is an electronic machine that performs the following four general operation

Input                       Output

        Processing               Storage

Input Device:-

The input H/W allows you to enter data into the computer. The primary device used are the keyboard and mouse.

Mouse – The mouse is a device that allows you to control the movement of the insertion places the palm of the hand over the mouse and moves it across a mouse pad, which provides traction for the rolling ball inside the device. (“You can also click the mouse and activate icons or drag to move objects and selected text.”)

 (Serial mouse/ PS2 mouse /U.S.B mouse)

Keyboard – The keyboard look like the typewriter. A numeric keyboard is located to the right of the keyboard numeric keys have the same placement as a 10 key calculator which allow the operates to enter data rapidly.

              (Normal Keyboard/ PS2 Keyboard/USB Keyboard/wireless Keyboard)

Tracker Balls – An alternative to the traditional mouse and often used by graphic designers.

Scanners – A scanners allows you to scan printed material and convert it into file format that may be used within the PC.

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