Who is the father of computer?

Who is the father of computer?

AnsCharless Babbage.

Full form of computer?

C = Common

O = Operating

M = Machine

P = Particular

U = Used for

T = Technical

E = Educational

R = Research

Full form of Basic?

B = Beginners

A = All Program

S = Symbolics

I = Instruction

C = Code


Paint = .Bmp

Notepad = .Txt

Wordpad = .Rtp

Ms Word = .Docx

Ms Excel = .Xlsx

Ms Access = .Accdb

Ms Power point = .Pptx


Microprocessor is a semiconductor device. All the earth metical and logical units work on it. It is heart on computer it is responsible for each and every process of computer system.

There are many types of Mp P1, P2 P3,P4, Dual core, core, core-2, Dual Quad core, core  I-3, Core I-5, core   I-7,  core   I-9

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